Saturday, June 30, 2007

rainy days and sundays...

Saturday, June 30, 2007

4:30am- alarm sounds
5:00am- walk about 1 mile to nadia's apartment. notice 2 new coffee shops. of course, neither are open so i can't make any recommendations. recognize that nobody else in the city is awake. there's a very light & occasional sprinkle.
5:25am- arrive at nadia's & wake her up. oops, she forgot to turn on her alarm clock.
6:10am- arrive at training location. team has already begun the run. it's raining. over the 6 mile course, most of which i walked with andrea & her dog, hank, it continued to rain harder and get windier. we were officially "soaked to the bone" by the time we completed the training. it's been a long time since i've been that wet while fully clothed!
7:30am- sat in wet clothes for a team meeting in an air conditioned room. burrrr.
9:30am- arrived home & quickly jumped into a warm shower. ahhhhh.

things i learned today: i don't like training in the pouring rain. i need to buy a waterproof watch. rain doesn't make me run faster as i would have thought, it makes me walk.

rainy afternoon movie recommendation: once

sunday will be spent at a friend's wedding. hopefully, a rain-free afternoon. (congrats, nadeem & bethany.)

thank you for your donations this week!
michelle garciano
karissa minn
janen troy
jay pfeifer

thank you, tyler burkum, for helping me get the word out! your fans have been great. he's a talented musician & a good guy so check out his music!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

10 miles

i did 10 miles today!!! and i didn't die, somebody congratulate me! i was nervous going into today's training b/c last week's 8 miles felt really hard and it was difficult to imagine adding another 2 miles to that. but i felt great for the first 8 miles today and while the last 2 miles were tough, it still felt better than last week. not sure what that means but i'll take it. of course, i got home, took an ice cold bath, followed by a gradually warming shower, & a fantastic nap. (that 6am start was EARLY.)

mary beth, my team's honored patient, ran the anchorage marathon today. go mary beth! she is an inspiration to me.

peter chan!! thanks for your donation!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

dump the pump

i almost forgot! it's national "dump the pump" day so i hope you took the bus/train to work today! i did...of course, i do that every day so maybe it's not so special.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

more thank yous

this week, i want to thank the following people for financially supporting me in my marathon training:

kelly jackson (check out her photography at
laura lesniewski
melissa w.
erik jones
gloria & scott manuel

i am constantly touched by these acts of generosity and often feel inadequate in expressing my gratitude. may you all know how much your kindness means to me.

i also must thank nadia for graciously allowing me to ride with her to our team runs on the weekend. she's a fantastic person and it's been fun to get to know her. thanks, nadia! i love seeing your shining face in the 6 o'clock hour on saturday mornings.

p.s. this saturday...10 miles.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

marathon training update

the training is going well, i feel stronger every week so that is good news. as i mentioned in my previous post, we did 8 miles this past saturday. that was...stretching but more b/c of the hills in the course and not so much the distance. however, since the race is in san francisco, i need the hill training. last night, i went to a fantastic yoga class as part of my cross training. normally, i do pilates at home but i think i'm going to try to do the yoga class once a month or so. it's good to get some instruction and it's just a really good class. so that's a quick update on the training.

also wanted to say thank you to the following people that have made a donation to the leukemia & lymphoma society on my behalf:

russ, tiffany & oliver long- my very first donation!
luke & andrea w.
lisa zeshonski
kori ayres
ginny & aaron routhe
andrea hamilton
kristen ockrin

i'm getting closer every day to my goal of $4000! thanks, everyone.