Tuesday, June 12, 2007

marathon training update

the training is going well, i feel stronger every week so that is good news. as i mentioned in my previous post, we did 8 miles this past saturday. that was...stretching but more b/c of the hills in the course and not so much the distance. however, since the race is in san francisco, i need the hill training. last night, i went to a fantastic yoga class as part of my cross training. normally, i do pilates at home but i think i'm going to try to do the yoga class once a month or so. it's good to get some instruction and it's just a really good class. so that's a quick update on the training.

also wanted to say thank you to the following people that have made a donation to the leukemia & lymphoma society on my behalf:

russ, tiffany & oliver long- my very first donation!
luke & andrea w.
lisa zeshonski
kori ayres
ginny & aaron routhe
andrea hamilton
kristen ockrin

i'm getting closer every day to my goal of $4000! thanks, everyone.

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