Monday, July 23, 2007

A half marathon!

I now know that I am capable of completing a half marathon which is pretty dang exciting. I still have about 3 months of training so I think I'm in good shape. This weekend's course was chosen for it's hills and we were all hurting a bit as a result. Of course, we're prepping for a marathon in San Francisco so bring on the hills! I wonder if San Fran will also have deer to greet us along the path?

This Thursday, July 26th, is the deadline for reaching 50% of my fundraising goal. At this moment, we're at 45%...we're soooo close! Thank you to everyone that has participated in this part of the project. It's exciting to know that together, we're helping families and patients live more fulfilling and longer lives. This week, I thank:

Rania Dallal
Jarod & Mary McBride
Charline Biondo
Bill & Kathy W.
Carol Samrualruen
Roger Cromwell
Kara Fink

If you would like to help me step closer to the goal of raising $4000 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, click here (sorry, website is no longer available) to visit my fundraising website. Thanks!

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