Monday, July 30, 2007

lost and found

on saturday, we had 6 miles to complete for our team run and i did it with my friend, jen. we were chatting away and missed a turn on the course, even though the coach had taken the time to put chalk arrows on the pavement and told us where the turn was before we began.

these are mostly unfamiliar roads to me so i rarely know where i am in the midst of these training sessions. once we realized that we had likely missed the turn, we started asking random people that passed by, "excuse me, do you know where neiman is?" the first couple people didn't speak english, or pretended not to speak english. and the final person, told us it was opposite the direction we were heading. we didn't know by what distance so, we just kept going, creating our own course.

because, we are often at the back of the pack, fellow teammates have gotten used to passing us on their way back and encouraging us as they pass. saturday, it was less about encouragement and more about "hmmm, has anyone seen jen & amy?" we wondered if a search party would be sent but since it was only 6 miles, we returned before anyone got to that point. there were lots of "where were you" questions and we tried to be creative in our answers but it didn't get us very far. we just got lost...kinda. :)

btw, jen- thanks for pushing me this week!


since a couple people asked, my deadline for thursday has come & gone and we were so close to the goal. i was hoping to raise $2000 by thursday so $1911 isn't too bad. thank you to all who participated in the first half of my fundraising efforts. i'm going to have to get creative for the second half and i'll be sure to let you know of any events.

thank you to the following people for their recent donations:

Bess Bundy
Courtney Reid
Jen & Mike Dehaven

as always, if you would like to support me & the leukemia & lymphoma society, please, visit my website.

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