Friday, August 10, 2007

Beauty in the everyday

I have spent the last couple years trying to intentionally see the beauty in life. It didn't take me long to discover that beauty surrounds me every day. I had no idea. It's now almost habit for me to take a look at my surroundings and take a mental picture of a striking tree, the face of an old man who's eyes have seen so much, a well-loved community garden, a child playing in a fountain finding relief from the heat, the interesting lines of a building or skyline, a tired mom waiting with me at a bus stop, colorful produce at the farmer's market, the eerie darkness of a stormy sky, or the simplicity of a clean kitchen.

Today, I stumbled across the blog of a former student. I knew her as a vibrant, passionate, intelligent, artistic, complex, free-spirited girl. She's still that girl, although, now a woman, wife and new mom. She values many of the same things and people she did as a high school student. There's something beautiful in that, in fact, there was always something about her that stood out. So, this afternoon, I find beauty in Aimee.

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