Saturday, August 11, 2007

Short Long Run

It's another Saturday morning and another team run completed. Today's distance= 8 miles. Short. Well, short in comparison to last week's 16 miles. Thankfully, we started at 6am so we were done before it got too hot. Can you believe I am saying "thankfully, we started at 6am" on a Saturday morning?! Yes, that's just how unbearably hot it has been all week and will continue to be this week.

Anyway, I usually have my cell phone with me but accidentally left it in the car this morning. I don't own a watch so I use it mostly for time. Jen started the run with me but unfortunately, she had to cut her run short due to an injury. (Hope you heal quickly & feel better soon!) I felt a little lost not knowing what time it was and I was concerned that I was having a particularly slow day. I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the finish and discovered I was a little faster than normal. Weird...good weird.

Funniest moment of the morning: I found myself, literally, in the middle of a boys high school track team practice not once but twice! Just me and 30 fourteen year-olds. It was hilarious.

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