Saturday, September 15, 2007

5 Weeks

The Nike Women's Marathon is in just 5 weeks! I can't believe it. It feels like I just started training last week but in reality, it all began 4 months ago. I'm definitely getting nervous, a theme that's likely to repeat over the coming weeks of blog entries...sorry, in advance.

Today was another 8 mile day so it wasn't too bad. The hardest part was that I did it by myself on the treadmill. I didn't know until late last night that my usual ride was out of town this weekend and I didn't have enough time to come up with a plan B. I'll be sure to have the transportation situation set up for next week because it's a long one and I will certainly need my team and I want to be there to support them, as well. So, this morning, I slept in until about 8:00 and then spent the next 45 minutes talking myself into getting on the treadmill. I used the "Pumkin Spice Latte Motivation Technique" (PSLMT) with great success. When I finished my workout, I put on a sweatshirt, (that's right, I didn't even shower) grabbed my bag, walked to Starbucks, placed my order, and sat in the window writing in my journal and sipping on the tasty treat. When I was done writing, I caught up on phone calls with family and walked home. It's a perfect day for a walk, sunny but cool. I love mornings like this.

Next Saturday, I'll need more than the PSLMT to get me through the 22 miles scheduled for that day. So, this entire week will be focused on positve thoughts. (Warning to all Kansas Citians: This means there's a good chance that I'll be talking to myself more often than usual. Do not be alarmed. Feel free to look but try not to stare, that's just embarassing.) It's going to be hard but it will also be exciting. I mean, 22 miles is no joke. I'll have to come up with something really great to celebrate. Maybe a venti latte.


Lisa Z said...

If it were me, I'd do the beer and cupcakes treat! I'm in Laos working at the moment and so far it's the only place I can view your blog. I did an 18 miler this weekend, but think I only actually got about 15 was so stinkin' HOT! My treat was a jumbo cinnamon bun and large coffee (God bless the French!). If it's any comfort, I'm nervous about the big day too :-).

amy said...

hey lisa! congrats on the 15! there's nothing more difficult than having to run in HOT weather. i owe you an's coming soon. in the meantime, we can do this! (even if we have to bribe ourselves with pastries and beer!)