Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I'm alive! I'm currently at work and don't have much time or energy to write but for anyone still reading my blog, I wanted to at least let you know that I completed the course. I am officially a marathon finisher! I'm exhausted and everything hurts but it was worth it. I'm still processing the whole weekend and I'll write more later. Until then, here are a couple pics from the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco.

100 yards from the finish line!

This is me with two of my teammates, Theresa & Jen, after the race. We all finished!

I have so many people to thank. Today, I'll start with my family that was able to come and cheer me on and those that called me over the weekend. You don't know how much that meant to me. Many more thank yous to come...


Lynnette said...

Congratulations, Amy! Wow-I am so impressed with your training, fundraising, and tenacity. Horay for you!

amy said...

thanks, nette! and congrats to you on your new found "commenting" skills. :)