Sunday, October 14, 2007


...I'm at work so feel free to call me. I'm open to any and all distractions.

********* the one week mark! Unbelievable. One week from this very moment, I'll be in the midst of the Nike Women's Marathon. I've had my last Saturday run, which we did on our own since it turned out to be quite the stormy morning, and our coach says we're ready. This week, we have a very light training schedule and while I'm looking forward to that, it feels strange. I'll be drinking lots of water, eating well, and going to bed early every day. Jealous? My rock star life simply must be put on hold for this week.

A couple more thank yous for generous donations to the LLS~

Greg & Sionnie LaFollette
Danielle & Jeremiah Frink

Thank you, friends!

********** friend, Will, who's in the studio with us this week, talked about his grandparents. Their names are Thelma and Hardy. How great is that?! Oh, and Hardy is one of 18 natural born children, no multiple births. Those were the days...

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