Thursday, October 4, 2007

Observations Between 5pm and 7:30pm

I left my apartment about five o'clock this evening to begin my grocery shopping journey. Generally, this is a two hour task but tonight, it was a bit longer. Here's a bit of what occurred in this span of two and a half hours:

- At 5:07pm, I boarded the bus that passes through my neighborhood, cart in hand. I'm armed and ready for this journey.
- On this bus, a woman compliments my cart and proceeds to list it's many uses. I found this rather humurous.
- We actually encountered traffic in my neighborhood...this is unusual.
- At 5:19pm, I boarded a second, rather crowded, bus. Also, least, for me.
- Most passengers were headed home and several were adorned with iPods. There are times that I wish I had an iPod but I can't relate to those that must have direct sound at all times. I like silence sometimes or just the natural sounds of the day.
- One 20-something guy generously gives up his seat to a woman. Lovely.
- Bus arrives at my stop at 5:50pm. On my walk from the stop to the store, a mom and her two young boys deboard their bus. The boys are in matching school uniforms and they have at least one more bus ride before they arrive home. There is something so beautiful about a mom and her children traveling via the bus. She must be a strong and patient woman. Motherhood- the hardest job on earth. Motherhood while depending on public transportation in Kansas City- harder than that.
- I repacked my groceries to fit in my cart and was back at the bus stop by 6:26pm where I ran into an old bus-riding friend.
- Another crowded bus...weird. It's also a malfunctioning bus, as every time the driver needed to extend the ramp for passengers in wheelchairs, it wouldn't go back into gear. She quickly figured out that if she restarted the bus, everything worked fine...until the next time the ramp was used.
- Some were getting frustrated with the bus (not the driver) because they were trying to make connections and we were running significantly behind schedule. At this point, I overheard this little exchange:
Guy #1- "I tell people all the time, if you're in a hurry, you ain't enjoying your life."
Guy #2- "I tell people, if you're in a hurry, don't take the bus."
- Later, I overheard a different guy saying: "Responsibility is a hell of a lesson to learn. It took prison for me to get it."
- Of course, I'm one of the people who missed a connection due to our lateness. Thankfully, it was a beautiful day so the uphill walk with a full cart of groceries was enjoyed.
- Oh, and my final observation of this journey: there were 2 girls walking in front of me, one in a pair of shorts and her thighs never met. I hate her.

Are your trips to the grocery store at all similar?

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