Wednesday, October 10, 2007

One Down, One To Go

When I took on this marathon challenge, I made two commitments to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and to myself.

1- I agreed to raise a minimum of $3800 for the cause. I set the goal a little higher, $4000 seemed like a nice round number.
2- I agreed to follow a training schedule and complete a 26.2 miles in honor of those touched by blood-related cancers.

Last night, I went to a team meeting and found out that my first goal has been reached. I was so excited! Thanks to the many wonderful people who made contributions to the Society on my behalf, I've raised just over $3800. What an honor it is to have such generous people in my life.

Now, there's just one more goal to reach in this adventure. Workouts this week have been strong and knowing there's just a week and a half remaining, I have all the motivation I need to keep going. Every day, the excitement builds and yet some disbelief is still present. Is it really possible that in eleven days I'll be on a marathon course in San Francisco and that this five month journey will have come to an end? That's crazy...and not worth focusing on at the moment. Instead, I'm going to enjoy these upcoming days and attempt to be as present as possible in each moment.

Today's thank you goes to the one and only, Laci Scott!