Saturday, December 8, 2007

I'm Just A Broadway Baby

Anyone that really knows me, knows that I have a deep love for musical theatre. In fact, I would say musical theatre was my first love and the reason that I pursued music in high school and college. In every stage of my life, there has come a time when I returned to that love, whether it was a string of tours passing through town that I'd attend even though I didn't have the money, or the purchase of new soundtracks that I'd play until I couldn't listen to another note, or a book I'd purchase and spend every waking moment reading until it was completed, or the days I would stand at a piano trying to find my voice again. Usually, it's some combination of all those activities. I've never paid attention to the pattern of these phases or moods or OCD moments so I'm not sure how frequently they present or how they vary in length of stay. That might be interesting to least, interesting to me.

As I'm sure you can guess, I'm in one of those phases right now and have been for the last few weeks. I've re-discovered some old CDs, including soundtracks and compilations, I've started singing when I'm alone at the studio or even waiting at a bus stop, I've watched several YouTube videos, videos and movies like Show Business: The Road To Broadway, and my latest find is The Jeff Blumenkrantz Songbook Podcast, where I've spent the majority of this day. I'm not sure if he's planning to add new podcasts but even if he isn't, I've got lots of catching up to do!

Thank you to the world-wide theatre community for adding such beauty and inspiration to my life.

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