Monday, December 31, 2007

My Holiday Blues

Another sunny, blue sky filled Christmas. I spent a full week in southern California catching up with family, seeing my sister's new apartment and my cousin's new apartment, baking cookies, attending several parties, going to The Getty museum, hiking in the Laguna Beach area, visiting the ocean, eating, drinking, talking, laughing, crying. Ya know, all the usual things that we try to cram into one visit every year. I think it's safe to say, we're all exhausted but glad to have had some time together. (Ben, we missed you!)

Sadly, I returned to KC tired and sick. It looks like my New Year's celebration will be quite chill, or downright boring. This holiday has never proved to be anything like those depicted in the movies. Someday, I will find myself dancing the night away at a fabulous party, in a spectacular dress, with champagne in one hand and a beautiful man on my arm. Until then, I'll be on my couch, in pjs, cough medicine in one hand and alone. Forgive, the melodrama...I'm sick on New Year's, people. Give me a break.

Here's hoping you're having a more exciting and romantic evening. Happy New Year, everyone.

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