Thursday, January 24, 2008


So much to say and yet I struggle to put all that I feel into words. I've wished many times over the last several weeks to add another entry here but I've not known where to begin. Today, I will do more than just stare at the empty screen. I will write something. It may not be inspiring or witty or even interesting but it will be something. I write more for myself than anyone else that might stop by, although I hope others find something of value in reading the experiences of another. There are many changes occurring in my life and I've always been one to document transitions. This is where I'll begin.

Over the last 5 days, I've taken a tour of my life as I've sifted through the boxes of what once was my childhood. I can't believe all that I've held onto for so many years or how much I've forgotten as the decades have passed by. It's been a long time since I've read through yearbooks, viewed drawings from my younger brothers, read cards and notes from my dear family and friends, looked through photographs of pigtails, braces and hair so big is would likely frighten small children. While I'm overwhelmed with the volume of these items, I'm also incredibly grateful for these momentos. I've had such a rich and blessed life. Not becasue of the things I've had so much as the people who have graced the pages of my story. I was given a loving family and the most caring friends from a very young age to now. I'm not sure why I've been so lucky but I will try my best to be continually thankful and offer the same beauty and generosity to those I share life with today.

I've taken this trip down memory lane in an effort to consolidate my belongings. Why? Because I'm moving and since I don't have a car or own enough to justify renting a moving truck, I'll be shipping everything I own (after selling or giving away my furniture) and flying to sunny LA. Kansas City has been my home for almost four years and while I've met some great people, it just hasn't worked for me. I'll spare you the details and say that I'm moving in order to find a place that better suits me. While I'm not sure LA is ideal, it's a good place to start. As usual, I'm a little nervous because I'm headed into the unknown again but I'm hopeful, too. I'll be living with my sister initially, continuing my current job for another month while looking for temp work. My plan is to work for a couple months then spend a month traveling internationally before returning to the states and facing real life and real jobs again. I haven't decided what county or countries I will visit but I'm excited about this adventure!

I have many more thoughts but I'll end here for today. I'm wishing you all a blessed and adventurous 2008.


Anonymous said...

Well put.

Esennyl said...

Best on your new adventure! I'm very excited for you and hope that you'll be sure to post lots of pictures. And on another note, this again is a great exhibit of why blogs are so wonderful... you'll be moving but we'll still be able to keep up with you! :)

rania said...

You go Wally! more power to you!
At the end of 2008, we have to get together at a Cheesecake Factory and do another recap! Hopefully, it will be much more exciting than 2007's...but you can order the same thing...