Monday, February 4, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well, maybe not just yet but after a crazy couple weeks of sorting, purging, packing, shipping, and cleaning, and with the help of many generous people, I've made it to sunny southern California. My sister graciously made room for me in her life and apartment and today, I will begin trying to figure out exactly where I live. In case you were wondering, LA is huge and while this is not news to me, I've never had to figure out how to get around the area by myself. I'm sure it will provide many entertaining stories and I'll do my best to pass those along.

It feels good to be here even though so much is still unknown and there are many obvious differences between KC & LA. For one, my social calendar increased tenfold before I even made it out of LAX. Of course, that's evidence of moving nearer family but it made me laugh and it'll take some getting used to. As I mentioned above, I don't know where anything is and I'm still trying to avoid buying a car so I'll soon find out what their mass transit has to offer. I'm continuing my KC job for a month so that gives me some time to job search while still having an income, quite helpful. I love how many people are here, the diversity of the population & the fact that I can say goodbye to winter already! While all of this can be overwhelming at times, I'm really hopeful for this next stage of my life. Wonder what it will bring...

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