Monday, February 11, 2008

Laundry Day

For most of you, going to the laundromat is likely nothing more than a distant memory. Well, some of us are still taking those Saturday or Sunday voyages and it can feel like an incarceration at times. You are trapped in a crowded and drab space, hoping the machines you need are available at the time you need them, and wishing you could stay focused on the book you brought to help pass the time rather that the many distractions competing for your attention.

My sister had passed by a laundromat in Culver City that she thought would make the experience more enjoyable so we ventured out on Saturday to try out the EZ Web Laundromat & Cafe. That's right, the words web, cafe & laundromat all used in the same sentence...or rather, the same business name. It's not perfect but it is certainly a step up from the usual laundry experience. It was a beautiful day so after we put our laundry in the washer, we went to the cafe where I purchased a hazelnut latte and melissa chose fruit juice and a banana, and we sat outside at a little round table where we read and took turns checking on the laundry. And did I mention that we had a nice view of the mountains when we looked up from our books? I mean really, there are some perks to living in LA. We didn't try out their wifi connection but for me, it's just the concept that's so great. Anything that makes going to the laundromat better than spending the day behind bars is A-OK by me!

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