Friday, February 8, 2008

My True Love

A special thank you to my cousin, Kathy, who invited my sister and me to join her for The Color Purple at the Ahmanson Theatre. Anyone that knows me, knows that theatre tickets are the way to my heart. Nothing moves me like the live theatre and last night's experience was no different.

I had heard mixed reviews of The Color Purple but I thought it was powerful, interesting, touching, and funny. It's difficult subject matter and I wondered how that would translate on the stage without being unbearably heavy but all involved wrote, composed and designed it well. While there are obvious leads in the show, the cast worked brilliantly as an ensemble. Having said that, Jeannette Bayardelle (Celie) deserves some praise. She gave us strong character development and powerful and emotive vocals that brought beauty, strength and humanity to the role of Celie. Overall, it was another wonderful night at the theatre. Thank you, Kath!

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