Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why On God's Green Earth

Global warming. We've all heard arguments on either side, it's a fact, it's a hoax. If you fall into the fact category, then you are likely doing things to reduce your carbon footprint and to encourage others to do the same. You may be more conscious of the food you buy, gravitating towards natural, fresh and local ingredients instead of packaged and processed foods full of ingredients you can't pronounce that have flown across oceans in order to be available at your local supermarket. You may use public transportation and/or drive a hybrid vehicle to reduce the amount of oil you consume. You may live by the motto of "reduce, reuse, recycle" and even compost your food waste. You may bring your own reusable shopping bags for groceries or other items to avoid adding to the size or our landfills. You may have made changes to your homes like unplugging appliances not in use, turning out lights when the room it is unoccupied, switching to energy efficient light bulbs and programmable thermostats to reduce the amount of electricity and natural gas necessary to run your household, even allowing you to save money. Of course, this is a small sampling of the things people are doing in an effort to take better care of the earth.

The thing is, whether you believe global warming is a problem or not, what harm is there is consuming less of the world's resources? Why is being more responsible with the gifts we've been given a bad idea? Why on God's green earth wouldn't we want to keep God's earth green?

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