Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Hope, I Hope, I Hope

Of course you've heard of them, maybe even known a few. Those people who's response to any difficult or negative experience or emotion is to exercise. HA! My whole life I've been dumbfounded by that response. It seems so unnatural. I mean, sure, I've had days where I felt better after a workout but that's where it ended. If I felt depressed, chocolate was my natural response-- NOT hitting the pavement.

Then last night, the strangest thing happened. I had a difficult day and felt frustrated and completely drained. I was scheduled to run/walk but I just didn't think I had the energy and planned to postpone a day. As I sat zombie-like on the couch, I felt an almost uncontrollable and overwhelming need to physically work out the frustrations of my day. I had to have a place to put it all. Afraid I might lose momentum, I threw on my running clothes and hit the pavement. It wasn't the best 2 miles of my life but it was a great release of all the negative emotions and even tiredness I was feeling. I was lighter, happier, more peaceful at the end so it worked. Whew.

I believed people when they said it was natural for them to run after a hard day. I just didn't ever think I would be one of them. I hope, I hope, I hope this becomes my natural response to...well, anything! Good or bad. Maybe someday. Until then, this seems like a good start.


bleeding espresso said...

That's awesome! Maybe if I hang around your blog that will rub off on me too? ;)

Kim said...

Amy...I went to Target yesterday and found some small photo albums and picture frames in Tiffany blue with your quote you have on your header. The were on sale for $5-cheap-but very cute!

I picked up a photo album and frame for my best friend who is doing Nike with me this year. I thought it was a great small gift-what a great quote AND Tiffany blue!

Hope all is well!

amy said...

bleeding- Thanks & I hope it happens for both of us! :)

kim- Thanks for the info, I may have to check to see if I can find them here. That's great that your best friend is doing Nike with you this year!