Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another Story From The Bus- "Bitch Sitting Next To Me"

If you're unfamiliar with bus rules and etiquette, let me take a moment to explain one of them to you. On all buses, there is a sign posted above the seats closest to the front that reads something similar to, "Please, reserve these seats for elderly and disabled passengers." The commonly accepted practice is that anyone may sit in those seats until an elderly or disabled person boards the bus, at which time those seats are immediately vacated and offered to these passengers. These seats are also frequently offered to parents with young children, even though the sign doesn't specify. Most people honor this practice and rarely is someone neglected in this regard. Okay, now for my story.

It's 8:52am and I've just gotten off my first bus. I 'm a bit tired this morning so even though, I'm not sure I have time, I'm stopping by the conveniently located 7-Eleven for a cup of coffee before heading to bus stop #2, which is just outside the store. After getting coffee and a banana and standing in line, I'm cutting it close but thankfully, as I leave the store the bus pulls up and I quickly board along with 3 other passengers. Everything appears to be normal, it's quiet, not crowded but full, some are reading, others listening to music, then seemingly out of nowhere comes a loud voice, "there's a bitch sitting next to me and she's not even 40!" What?! I know it's early so maybe I misheard that but everyone around this elderly woman can't help but laugh so I think she really just make that proclomation. I look up and see an elderly woman pointing and practically yelling, "There's a sign that says these seats are reserved and she's not even in a wheelchair!" She stands and walks toward the driver, who's concerned, and rightfully so, that this woman is standing on a moving bus but there's no stopping her. She continues, "this is ridiculous! I don't see any babies! These are reserved seats! That should be enforced! These are for ederly people and disabled people not young people! I don't know why she thinks she can sit there!" At this point, the entire bus is laughing because she's so irrate and going on and on about this great injustice. She ended her speech with "I hate kids!" as she walked off the bus. The poor girl sitting next to her handled it quite well. I bet she had no idea what was waiting for her when she chose her seat this morning!

Priceless. And when did 40 become "elderly?"


Kim said...

Yikes! What a story. Doug has a great story about scaring a man off the trolley in San Diego.

Something to look forward to in several years-being an elderly 40. Can't wait!

amy said...

I have so many stories that a friend keeps telling me I need to write a book! Taking public transportation does provide regular entertainment. :)