Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Westside Update.4

In case, you're not following along here with this latest marathon adventure of mine and you're curious about how I'm doing (and let's face it, who isn't dying to know), below is my recent update:

Whew! Somehow, we've made it past the half way point and in exactly 2 months from today, I, along with 20,000 of my new best friends, will be sweating our little hearts out on the streets of San Francisco! Thank you for sticking by me on this journey, friends.

My Westside team is doing pretty well. (Like how I took ownership of the entire team, there?!) Most of the team has recommitted (meaning we've officially signed up with Nike and given a credit card # to guarantee that our fundraising goal will be met), full marathoners have made it to at least 13 miles, half marathoners to 9 miles, and as a team, we've raised $130,000! Our coaches and mentors continue to guide us through this process offering encouragement and expertise along the way. And we do our best to trust them and avoid taking detours to the beach as we pass by. Anna is my current weekend walking/running partner and she's great about reminding us to relax. I can't imagine why I forget to relax in the middle of 13 miles?!

As we're out on the course, we also lie...a lot. We tell ourselves thing like "this is fun," "we feel great," "it's a beautiful day and there's nowhere else we'd rather be," and "wow, we look great in spandex." And we tell some truths as well, "we're pretty lucky to have the ocean and mountains as the backdrop to our training," "we've accomplished so much on this Sunday morning," "if he/she can withstand chemo and radiation, we can certainly complete ___ miles," and "our only job is to endure." This past Sunday, we kept crossing paths with a man who was easily in his 70s and looking at him, you would think his running days had long since passed. We could not have been more wrong. Anna and I were both pretty sure he could kick our butts any day of the week! And he was wearing a shirt that read, "Run in feet. Dream in miles." He was our inspiration for the rest of our mileage, truly amazing. When we're out on the course, we're desperate to find things (any things) to keep us going and remind of us of why we're out there in the first place because it's easy to forget when you're body is trying to tell you it would rather be at the movies!

There have been highs and lows and I know there will be more of both in the coming months but I continue to recommit to this challenge and do all I can to keep myself motivated. I even bought a book over the weekend titled, "The Non-Runner's Marathon Guide For Women" by Dawn Dais and it's hilarious! She's completely sarcastic and I love it! It's good to laugh out loud about the craziness involved in marathon training and somehow, it's even motivating.

So, that's the latest from LA's westside. If you're following along with my college friends and I spread out around the country, we're all recommitted, doing well and have raised $17,286!!! (Katie has even reached her fundraising goal!) My mom and sister-in-law are also doing well having reached at least 14 miles and $3,621! Who knew we would one day find ourselves united for the same cause and running marathons to support it? Not me, that's for sure! Thank you, once again, to all those that have donated to me, my friends, and family members. We are all encouraged beyond words by your generous support. We'll need it even more over the coming weeks because it only gets harder from here. Thankfully, it also gets more exciting as we get closer to our goals and race day!

Anyone for a run?


Donations are still accepted at: Sorry, website no longer active.)
Amy has currently raised $1570 and has a goal of $3200!

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