Saturday, September 13, 2008

Two Beauties

The top photograph in this post is so interesting to me. Isn't it intriguing?

In the archives of the same blog, I came across this fabulous little conversation overheard by the writer. Divine.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Westside Update.5

6.75 Weeks to Race Day
4 Weeks to Fundraising Deadline

And thus begins the FINAL preparations for this year's attempt to raise $3200 for cancer patient support/research and to complete all 26.2 miles of the Nike Women's Marathon. The final exam. Just breathe and relax. What? Am I the only needing to remind myself to breathe?! Okay, probably so but there might be some "sympathy pains" out there. Anyone?

Well, your "pains" (or overwhelming joys) may have more to do with Back to School season than with endurance events and fundraising because as we all know, if your local schools haven't already started, this is the week! Well, I'm excited to tell you that today is Audrey's first day of kindergarten! Audrey is our team's honored teammate and she's been in treatment for leukemia for over a year. Her mom, Katy, is training with our Westside team and Sunday, she shared that Audrey's doing really well, even as the doctors continue to increase her meds. Her strength is remarkable and her family is already planning the "end of treatment" party which is July 31, 2009! I can't imagine. Thankfully, Katy said Audrey's like a normal 5 year old nowadays and she's ready for school. I hope she had a great first day!

Speaking of school, my training feels very much like homework. I think about it everyday. What I'm eating, how much I'm sleeping, how active I've been, etc. And someone will ask me how much I ran/walked so I better be prepared with an answer! Well, here it is. I essentially completed 3 half marathons during the month of August and this past Sunday, I asked my coach if we could, please, get to at least 16 miles next week because I was feeling behind. I know, weird that I would ask for more mileage but it's true. I've turned into the kid that chooses to sit in the front of the room asking for extra assignments. Who knew?! Last season, 16 miles felt awful (mostly due to the midwestern heat/humidity we were fighting that day) so I'm looking forward to moving beyond that mileage and over that mental hurdle. We might even move right ahead to 18 miles...I wonder how that will feel?! I'll be sure to let you know.

In a previous update, I mentioned that I recently read Dawn Dais' "The Non-Runner's Marathon Guide For Women" and I'm taking one of her ideas which means I'm assigning you homework. (It's been a while since I've done that, I forgot how fun it can be! Don't worry, it won't be graded.) She had her friends and family send her short quotes or notes, often humorous things, that she could read when she hit particularly difficult moments in the race. Strangely, this didn't end up helping her but I think it would be fun and helpful for me. As in Dawn's case, the funnier and more sarcastic, the better! A mix of the serious and humorous will be great. It'll help me to remember that I'm not alone out there, that there's a group of people supporting me, even if from afar. So, put your thinking caps on and motivate me with your hilarity & wisdom! (No pressure! )

To recap, Audrey's an A student and doing great! My homework is to run/walk my tail off and keep telling people about this great cause. Your homework is to send me a short note for race day and to visit my website (website no longer active) if you'd like to make a donation to help other patients like Audrey. If you have any questions, I'm available for after school help.


Donations are still being accepted at: Website no longer active.
Amy has currently raised $1745 and has a goal of $3200!