Thursday, January 22, 2009

Farmers Markets

I'm not very good about going to Farmers Markets weekly but I do love them. It makes me happy to see beautiful, colorful, fresh and sometimes strange-looking produce and handmade products lining the street. Then there are the people with their own bags, carts and kids, stocking up for the week or maybe a special dinner that evening. Doesn't it seem like the perfect neighborhood activity?

I have the pleasure of living relatively close to the Santa Monica Farmers Market so I stopped by yesterday. It's fun to see so many people out on Wednesday morning supporting their local farmers and it's fun to see chefs gathering ingredients from their favorite vendors. Apparently, celebrities often venture to this market but I don't usually notice them.

Amongst the items I purchased was a single Meyer Lemon. I've never tasted one but I've noticed many people talking about them lately so when I spotted them at a citrus stand yesterday, I couldn't resist. They were so beautiful and much smoother than a regular lemon. I look forward to slicing into it later, if I can bring myself to damage this perfect specimen.

On an unrelated note, the 2009 letterpress calendars that I posted about last month are now on sale for $29! That's a steal for such beautiful handmade work. If you're looking for a gift for yourself or someone else, I highly recommend a visit to Lynn Russell's Etsy shop.

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