Saturday, March 27, 2010

Letter to the Editor

Dear Amy,

You have embarked on a journey to rediscover your artist and you have made significant progress. Congratulations! You have much to be proud of and I look forward to seeing your continued growth in the coming weeks, months, years.

This letter is intended to be read by the self that will likely appear at various points in the future: the self that will question whether or not you've made enough progress to make it worth it, the self that will doubt your dreams and ability to make them reality, the self that will advise you to quit. To that self I say, "remember today, this moment, this feeling." You just took your 3rd voice lesson in over a decade and you LOVE it! Nothing makes you happier than singing. Nothing is more fun. Nothing feels more The vocal progress you've made in these few lessons is astounding so just imagine how great you will sound and feel after a year(s) of practicing and studying!

This is just the beginning and you owe it to yourself and the universe to do the thing you were meant to do, to follow your passions, and to heal. There will be challenges and painful moments but the joy you feel walking into or out of the studio is the thing you must hold on to. Someday, you'll sing in front of people again and then you'll have another feeling to hang on to when things get hard but for now, you have this. And "this" is pretty great. "This" makes your whole being smile. "This" is why it's all worth it.

So, remember "this" and keep putting one foot in front of the other no matter your circumstances. You can do it. You are doing it. Bravo!


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