Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Things Learned in June

(This post will continue to grow throughout the month. I hope.)

1. My work ethic is best demonstrated when singing.
2. I'm quite sure that singing has healing properties.
3. Singing replaces the need for energy drinks. (Not that I've ever been one to drink them.)
4. Practice really does make perfect, or at least significantly better.
5. Taking a risk allows you to move forward when you didn't know you were standing still.
6. Freedom is multi-layered.
7. My sister is an artist.
8. I hate the smell of McD's "food."

9. I'm very particular about drinking glasses. (Only when purchasing them.)
10. I need to take an audition class or something because today's audition was just embarrassing.

11. Donuts are not my friends.

12. When feeling lethargic or overwhelmed or negative, doing something good for me (no matter how small) helps every time.

13. My imagination is alive and well.
14. I still love soccer.
15. The result of a good, full night's sleep is worth going to bed early.
16. I have a white hair in my eyebrow. This, along with #15, might officially make me old but I chose to believe otherwise.

17. I miss friends.

18. It's possible to miss someone you've never met.

19. I find unending inspiration from people who live life as though it's a full contact sport.

20. I like garbanzo beans...a lot.