Friday, July 9, 2010

Happiness in July

A collection of moments and things that made me smile. (Another post that will grow as the days in July pass by.)

1. Seeing my adorably pregnant sister (in-law) and brother for the first time since the baby news was announced.
2. I loved having them stay with me, my apartment felt more alive.
3. Beautiful photography exhibit.
4. "In The Heights" with Lin-Manuel Miranda.
5. Finishing a project that will soon be a gift.
6. Vibrant colors.
7. Umami burger.
8. Pink nail polish.
9. Coffee.
10. Dreaming.
11. Singing in the car.
12. Other artists- their art, their perspectives on life/work/craft, their personalities & vulnerability.
13. A bowl full of fresh cherries.
14. Party preperations.
15. Monochromatic flowers.
16. My brothers' laughter.
17. Lemongrass.
18. Being myself.
19. World Cup with my brothers.
20. Smiles.
21. Crawling into my comfy bed.
22. Cousins. Baby cousins.
23. A cancelled meeting.
24. The thought of a chocolate milkshake.
25. The actual chocolate milkshake.
26. Memories of old friends.
27. Expressive photographs. Or photographs of expressive faces.
28. Thoughts of Italy.
29. French accents.
30. Sunshine on my shoulders.
31. Visiting the ocean in the middle of the work day.
32. Showing up for my life.
33. Giggling by myself at the drive thru car wash.
34. Paying off a large (for me) bill.
35. Working on new music.
36. A little time spent reading/writing in a coffee shop.
37. Turning my phone off for the weekend.
38. Fame reruns. (Thanks, Hulu.)
39. Realizing the studio is a safe place again...finally.
40. Laughing at myself & my silly fears.
41. Taking a risk, anyway.
42. Improvements, presence, personal growth
43. A truck full of young, leafy, green, trees bouncing down the road to a new home(s).
44. Champagne at noon. At work.
45. A great practice session.
46. Beach time.
47. Red wine.
46. An evening spent falling into a book.
47. Good news for good people.
48. Becoming comfortable performing again. A little at a time.
49. A beautiful card & words.
50. Red nails.
51. Ended the month with at a comedy club with lots of laughs.